6 Month Zoe Update


Weight: 15 lbs 3 oz (weighed at the pediatrician this time)

Feeding: Oh our Zoe girl loves to eat! If you start feeding her and stop for a millisecond, she gets fussy; if she sees you eating and not sharing, she becomes irate. So far she hasn’t been displeased with anything that she has eaten, but she does seem to have a rather giant preference for bread, soups, carrots and water.  Zoe is also plowing through her bottles and has FINALLY stopped spitting up so very very much.

Clothing: 6-9 month clothing, 100%. I feel as though she has a really long torso which is making us plow through clothing sizes so rapidly (but let’s be honest, girl has some rolls going on.)

Naps: This month I tried transitioning us to two naps a day instead of three, however it did not go well.  For right now, we are doing three 45-60 minute naps a day, but if she happens to miss one or it gets delayed too much, she can do two okay.

Sleeping: I can not sing enough praises about Zoe’s sleeping habits.  My goal is to not be fully aware of the fact tat I have children between the hours of 9pm and 7am and she pretty much lets that happen. As long as I remember that she is a voracious eater and I feed her enough, she wakes up maybe once or twice a night for me to stick a binky back in, but sleeps from about 7 to 7/7:30.

Likes: Looking outside, bath time (especially with Eli), eating, soft things (cat, dog, bunny, blanky), being jiggled and tossed around a bit.

Dislikes: Poo diapers (HATES them, can’t blame her :)), not having ALL the attention on her, being left alone for too long.

Development: She’s rolling over!!! It feels as though she is behind Eli physically, but that may juts be because I don’t love the infant stage.  She is laughing and responding to us a lot more and starting to move herself around.

Sibling Update: Eli is still so kind and generous and patient with Zoe, he loves to play with her and is such a big giant help.  I try really hard to remember to tell her not to pull his hair or pinch him, because I’m constantly having to remind Eli to be gentle. I am just over the moon with how much they adore each other.

Mom and Dad Update: Life is good guys, life is really really good. We have these two amazing, loud children and even when they are challenging, there is so much joy in our world. Now that sleep is back on track, we will begin having at home date nights again!IMG_1427IMG_1433IMG_1435IMG_1439IMG_1446IMG_1449IMG_1452IMG_1500IMG_1505IMG_1511IMG_1515IMG_1520


Musings on Motherhood

From the beginning month of life with two:

It is gloriously liberating to not be concerned with a nap time.

On the other side: I miss nap time- bad. However when given the mystical moment when both littles nap, I don’t know what to do. As in last time it happened I watched the first 45 minutes of “Magic Mike”…

My happiest moments are when I am in the water with one or both kiddos. Except for the shower that is littered with toys.

Mothering two has been a constant lowering of expectations. Not the typical expectations of a clean house and meals, but allowing space and time for mothering to be my only priority. I don’t get to write as often (see, at all), I have very little alone time and going anywhere takes much much longer. Learning to live in the hard of parenting two has been a growing experience.

Parenting two has been the greatest joy, I feel as though it is exactly where I’m supposed to be.


October Goals

WOW! It has been a bit since I’ve gathered some goals up in this space and shared them with the world.  Having a baby is like taking a break from your real life for a solid year and half or so. Between trying, pregnancy, having a new baby and hormonal fluctuations, it feels as though I can not live my life because I’m living two lives, mine and the babies.  Does anybody else feel like that? It’s a glorious and magical experience to have and grow a baby, but it is also strange and so far outside of normal daily conduct.  Suffice it to say, I have not been in a make goals and achieve them frame of mind.  BUT! I’m back! Zoe is five and a half months old, I started to feel normal again when Eli was six months old, clearly I’m consistent somewhere in my life.

Get back to writing: I’d like to spend some more time in this space and on another writing project I’m working on.  Plus, just more writing in general: more lists, scheduled days, journaling. Writing for me is similar to running, it’s cathartic and clears my headspace and one of the few ways I know how to work through all my thoughts as they run over each other.

Halloween: Yay!! Eli LOVES Halloween; he likes ghosts, spider, vampires and monsters. I am having him make a final decision on his costume soon so that I can figure out the rest pf the family.  We are also going to decorate the house this year! Eli loves checking out everyone else’s Halloween decorations on our walks and I can’t wait to have our house set up for him to enjoy as well!

Weekly Projects: I have a list of larger projects that I would like to get accomplished, things like organizing the closets, so as not to get overwhelmed and do nothing, I am picking one thing each week from the list and slowly making my way through the list.

Get Outside: Fall is hitting early here this year and as soon as the weather starts to get cold I have a tendency to hunker down and not want to move. So we will be getting outside, everyday!

Healthy Eating: We are investing in a and I want to get back to a more plant based diet. We have instituted a “no thank you” bite rule into our mealtimes with Eli and his palate is already just barely starting to expand.

Marriage Building: In the season of creating and caring for a new baby, our marriage takes a bit of a backseat. I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, something has to give somewhere, as long as the marriage doesn’t stay at the back burner. I’m looking forward to date nights out, and date nights in, board games, long talks, cuddling without constantly getting up to attend to children, finding a new tv show to get into.  I’m looking forward to getting to focus on being a wife first, mother second.

Wish me luck!

Motherhood Musings

I am still processing all that I feel about having two kids. The feelings and emotions are so incredibly vast and intense that I am still searching for the words. With Eli, I had this giant explosion of love and depth for that love that was overwhelming with its intensity. With Zoe it has been this slow unyielding of undoing over the life that I thought I knew and had a grasp on, that has been constantly surprising me with how much love I am capable of experiencing.

Organizing our lives and what I want them to look like has become  my favorite activity, I love dreaming about our family and looking to what the future holds for us.

Eli and Zoe have been following their gender stereotypes to a tee, he was a very physically proficient baby and didn’t talk until he was two, she is super vocal and is seriously lagging in the physical milestone department in comparison to Eli.

Zoe looks so much like Eli as a baby until you put her next to Kenny and you realize that she is his exact duplicate.

As our little family hits its stride and gets into a schedule and routine, I just want to find all new moms and tell them that motherhood requires a solid year and a half of trying to find solid ground.  The pregnancy through postpartum period is so fraught with sleep deprivation and wildly swinging hormones that it becomes really hard to trust yourself.

Eli gets more and more fun everyday, I find myself falling in love with his sweet little personality everyday.

Zoë Five Month Update


Weight: 14.5 pounds


Feeding: Girl loves to eat! She recognizes the word bottle and her eyes get all wide and she starts smiling and waving her arms back and forth, it’s hilarious! We are just barely started to introduce solids, she has been eyeballing any food that I put in my mouth for a couple weeks and she is pumped to get to try it herself.  She is however terrible at eating and mainly spits it all black out.  So far she has tried out applesauce, blueberries, peaches and tomato soup.


Naps: We have finally gotten on a schedule! On the one hand it is glorious to have her get regular sleep and we have an idea of how the day is going to go.  On the other hand it is terrible getting stuck in naptime jail, especially since her awake times are still not very long, making outings a little difficult right now.



Sleep: Bedtime is anywhere between 6 and 7 and she typically sleeps 11-12 hours (angels singing). Plus! she is now in her crib and not being swaddled! Big deal! We had to start sleep training and introduced the zipadeedee sleep suit and she is getting to where we don’t need to put her pinky back in every couple hours.

Clothing: 3-6 months is a terrible clothing size, it is so inconsistent! She is in some 3-6 months and some 6-9; definitely moving into 6-9 pretty solidly.



Development: Big big strides!  I feel as though once she got into her crib we started to see big leaps in development. She was able to move her body more often, considering that she sleeps for 15-16 hours a day, strengthening her body. She can now sit up on her own (for 7 seconds…) and she is really starting to move her body. She is also starting to laugh!! It’s really just big intakes of air and squeals but I love it!

Likes: Baths, eating, the cat, being tickled, Eli.

Dislikes: long car rides, poo diapers, being put to sleep.


Sibling Update: It just gets better and better with these two! Eli went to stay with my parents for about five days and when he saw us, he immediately wanted to see Zoe first.  He always asks to sit and talk to her and as soon as I put her in the bath, he comes running in to join her and just laugh at her playing in the water. Zoe lights up as soon as Eli comes into her line of sight.  When he was out of town, I mentioned his name and she started looking all over for him! Kill me now (and also give me lots more babies and sibling relationships to fall in love with!)




Mom and Dad Update: Why anybody really adores infants is beyond me, because things just keep getting more and more incredible every month.  The more sleep and schedule and routine I can rely on, the better my life is, meaning the better everyone else’s lives are better.  Kenny and I are actually getting the chance to hang out with each other and with family coming into town, we will hopefully be able to get away on a date!


Eli at 3.5



My little dream of a baby boy is quickly growing up. I have never really regretted or been able to get behind the heartbreak of our kids growing up and gaining more independence- until this summer. Perhaps it was the new baby making my first baby grow up so quickly, but I think it’s just that he IS growing up! Eli and I have conversations, his imagination has exploded, he has become my little buddy. The way his vocabulary has grown, matched with the help he offers and the fact that he can get dressed and buckle himself into the car, is just a blinking marquee shouting that my little guy is leaving behind toddlerhood.


Sleep: This summer sleep has been all over the place. Eli needs 12 hours of sleep for every 24 hour period, but he resists naps in every capacity. He goes to sleep between 7 and 9 most nights and takes a nap every couple days.


Favorite Foods: Goodness gracious, this boy is beyond picky! We are starting to introduce a “no thank you” bite rule, but it is slow going. He still loves the same basic foods he has always loved, but I would LOVE to get him to a much wider rotation.

Likes: Swimming, playing outside, Despicable Me, Transformers, riding his car around the block, “hanging out with daddy”, chicken nuggets, books, playing ghost, showering, play-doh, trains, being the boss, his family, saying “amens”, “playing with kids”, being naked, snacking, adventures.


Dislikes: Naps, being quiet, cleaning up.

Eli is friendly, kind, snugly and everything I could hope for. He makes an effort to include other kids when we play. He makes an effort to follow through on his chores and responsibilities within our house and says please and thank you constantly.

Eli throws normal, epic 3 year old tantrums, exaberated by lack of sleep and feelings that are generally too big for his body to handle. He is emotional, sensitive and big hearted.

He is loud and wild, preferring to jump from one spot to another rather than walking. He wants to dance fight, loves to listen to music and can’t walk by one of the animals without bothering them.


Zoë Four Month Update


Weight: 14 pounds!

Feeding: Zoë has moved to formula completely. We started transitioning and introducing formula about 2/3 weeks ago. It took about a week for her stomach to settle with the new addition and now she seems good with it. On one hand, I would prefer her to be getting the extra immunity and stronger nutrition of breastmilk, on the other, I love having my body back to being MY body.


Naps: We are about to enter into some serious nap time jail at the house and I am not looking forward to it. She naps throughout the day, but there has been a lot of time spent on the floor of her bedroom trying to get her to take longer than a 45 minutes nap.

Sleep: If we were to base all of her delightfulness on sleep, I doubt any other child would come close! Zoe goes to bed between 6-7 and sleeps 11-12 hours. Lately she has been waking up a little too early (5:30) and I have really been working with her to learn that that will not fly 🙂


Clothing: Solidly into 3-6 month clothes, but in the size she’s all over the place. Some are just stretching over her body and some she is swimming in. There are lots of repeats in a single week.

Development: Zoe has discovered her feet and it is hilarious. I don’t remember Eli being quite so fascinated with feet and she just zones out on them. I’m also working with Zoe to get her to hold her own bottle(!), she has started trying to grasp toys and put things into her mouth. Still no rolling, but she also doesn’t spend a whole lot of unassisted time on the floor.

Likes: Zoe really likes her people: mom, dad, Eli. Loves the be in the shower or bathtub and to be talked to. Also a big fan of being jiggled! While it may seems early, she’s pretty into the television- fast moving pictures, what’s not to love. She lays still and seems interested when I read Eli stories, but that is probably more just about her enjoying us talking.


Dislikes: Clothing being pulled over her face, a bottle being readjusted for a half second while she is in the middle of eating, getting out of the tub or shower, being denied her sleep more than a minute after she first squawked her exhaustion. She has no problem expressing her  opinion.

Sibling Update: Still so much love. I’ve been expecting some sibling rivalry to come out soon, but so far, nothing but mutual love and adoration.

Mom and Dad Update: it’s just good, the kids are good- dare I say easy. We try to get out and do big family adventure days and it’s been wonderful to be able to learn to adapt to everybody’s needs and get them all met.



Zoë Three Month Update

IMG_1220.JPGWeight: 13 pounds, once again this girl is the same weight as Eli at this age. She still seems so much bigger than Eli did; I’m guessing it’s her height that is lagging, making her a bit more round 🙂


Feeding: Zoë is still exclusively breastfed as of right now. At about 7 weeks I started feeding Zoe a bottle for her last feeding because she was too anxious and psychotic about getting food into her before bed that is was not a pleasant experience. She has been slowly burning through my freezer supply and I don’t think breastfeeding will last much longer than 4 months. That being said, while I had high hopes of feeding longer with Zoe that I did with Eli; I don’t hate having a baby that is gaining weight on schedule and is such a tremendous sleeper.


Naps: Zoe is the quintessential second child. She goes with the flow beautifully, taking 4-5 naps a day. She usually takes shorter naps in the morning and around noon and then takes one big long nap in the afternoon. She is a dream to put down as long as we pay attention and do not let her get overtired- girl needs her sleep!


Sleep: Still beautiful and glorious! Zoe goes down for bed anywhere between 7 and 8 depending upon her last nap and sleep for an average of 11 hours. We have had a couple nights where she has woken up in the middle of the night, but typically if she is wrapped tight enough, she stays asleep. She is also a dream to put down, ocean sounds, miracle blanket, binky: walk out the door.

Clothing: Moving into her 3-6 month clothes right on schedule! She is a bit of a spit up baby, so we go through way more clothes with her than we did with Eli.

Development: She chats a lot with us in the mornings, clings to us when we hold her. She rolled over on accident one day, but hasn’t done it since. She has started watching toys and really chewing on her hands; basically she is about to get really really fun! She has really started to show her personality. Zoe likes to be given some space, if she is held for too long or not held facing out, she lets you know!


Likes: Zoe loves baths, kisses, Eli, eating and sleeping.

Dislikes: Clothes going over her head, not given her space, tummy time.

Sibling Update: Still loads and loads of love between these two. Eli loves to “carry” her from one room to the next and anytime she fusses, he runs in to let me know I’m needed. Zoë gives him the best kisses and is just so content to watch him run circles around her.

Mom and Dad Update: Things are going really really great. We just celebrated our 11 year wedding anniversary and I couldn’t get over what a perfect time in our lives this is right now. I’m officially back at work now and it has been nice to be out and gain some independence back. Being at work is made especially easy by having such a chill baby at home that I don’t need to stress about.  For my part, I’m loving having more than one kid so much that I want four. For Kenny’s part, he is quite content with our two littles 😀.


Zoë Two Month Update


Weight: 11 lb. 45th percentile! I for sure thought she was going to be 12 pounds, she seems so much bigger than Eli did at this age. However she actually gained just as much as Eli did from birth to 2 months- twinners!

Naps: She takes several naps, all day long. Super, super consistent in needing a nap every hour and 15 minutes. We are trying to work on condensing her naps into 3 long ones instead of 5-6 40 minutes cat naps.

Sleep: 🙌🙌 It’s hard to brag about this, because we haven’t done any sleep training and I don’t want to make anyone feel bad about their non sleeper- BUT! This girl sleeps like a freaking champion at night (knock on all the wood). She sleeps for an 8-11 hour stretch every single night! I am soaking it in as much as possible because I know that 4 month sleep regression is right around the corner and going to ruin me!

Clothing: She is solidly in 0-3 month clothes. Zoe does so many more things than Eli was doing at this age, because I have a three year old to entertain. It’s crazy how naked Eli was compared to how many times Zoe gets changed- in other words, thanks for all the clothes everyone!

Development: Zoe is super chat and we all love listening to hear talk to us and start to smile! Zoe has made her first trip to Redding and thankfully is a champion traveler.

Sibling Relationship: These two love each other like crazy. Eli is so sweet and gentle and helpful with her. For her part, Zoe lets him dote on her 🙂

Mom and Dad Update: I’m telling you, once this girl started sleeping everything became roses and rainbows! We are starting to learn about her and it has been amazing. I’m so happy with our little family bubble!

Zoë: 1 Month Update


Weight: 9lb 4oz

Naps: Her naps are all over the place. She is not an amazing sleeper so she is a bit too fussy to sleep well during the day. She is great about sleeping in her car seat and falling asleep while I wear her. It means that I’m getting plenty of snuggles! Once we get some good nighttime sleep we will start tackling naps.


Clothing: She is out of newborn and into 0-3 months. However to be clear it is mainly due to the cloth diapers that add so much bulk to her little body.

Bedtime: hahahaha! There is no bedtime with this one. Some nights I’m able to put her down for bed and walk away, other nights, the only way she is falling asleep is on me. It has been slow going my friends.

Development: She has started trying to shove her binky back in her mouth and her neck is getting stronger and stronger. Very exciting stuff happening over here!

Sibling Relationship: Goodness gracious! These two are going to kill me with how adorable they are. Eli LOVES Zoe, he constantly wants to hold her and tries to calm her whenever she fusses. It’s so sweet to listen to him tell her “I know, I know, I know” in the same tone that I use to calm her down. In return, she tracks his face and doesn’t seem to be bothered by him constantly mauling her.

New This Month: um everything? She started cloth diapers and got moved into her room about a week ago.

Mom and Dad Update: It has been a rough and full transition. We are getting our footing, but man, parenthood is not for the weak!