Goals With Grace

Goals with Grace

A couple years ago, instead of new year’s Resolutions, Kenny and I started to come up with loose yearly goals.  This gives us the pressure of a deadline and the breathing room of not failing at a resolution.  I love the idea of being able to hit a reset button whenever you so choose; whether it’s spring cleaning, New Year’s or a Monday.  Which is why I was so happy that Kenny jumped on board with my idea.

A big thing going on in the blogging world has been choosing a word for the year.  2015 marks my first year choosing a word, and I’ve chosen CELEBRATE!

My friends are amazing at celebrating things and breathing life and enthusiasm and joy into those around them.  While I want to do those things and constantly have big plans, they never come to fruition.  I have some weird fear of somehow coming off as insincere so I back away from celebrations, EVEN though I am filled to the brim with light and best wishes for you!  NO MORE!  This is the year of celebration, because life is tough, no matter where you are, what you’re going through, there is hard in your life.  If we don’t stop to celebrate, the hard wins and I don’t want the hard to win.

Yearly Goals: (in no specific order)

Go camping: this has been a goal for years because the last time we went camping was 6 years ago and our camping equipment is laughing in my face; plus it takes up a lot of space and I hate clutter.

Live on a Budget:  The fact is that we have goals like more children and me not working at the restaurant… a minivan at some point, killer vacations….retirement planning 🙂  basically, if we don’t learn to live on a budget, these goals will never happen.

Profitable Working from Home: in keeping with the living on a budget and me not working outside of the home, I am launching myself into this blogging for work world.  Wish me luck!

Time with Jesus:  I can not be a good steward of christianity to Eli if I don’t make our relationship with God a top priority.  Also, everything in my life is better when I have my priorities in order and that first priority has to Jesus.

Finish Decorating our house: we have lived here 6 years…. 6 years and I have not finished decorating yet, its beyond time.

Find a Community: Being a parent can be lonely, being a parent at home alone with a baby most days, very lonely.  I’m desperate to find a community of moms to parent alongside.  Plus, I don;t want a weirdo kid that doesn’t know how to socialize with others.  In keeping with community, continuing to host framily dinners and girl brunches, basically, find our tribe and do great things together, but mainly just eat great food together.

Time for Myself: Making sure to schedule naps, time to run alone, time to read.  I just want to make sure I don’t over-schedule myself so that I can love on my family without an underlying current of resentment, basic stuff.

Setting Aside Time for Marriage: Weekly date nights, check-ins, whatever you want to call them.  We would like to keep time set aside for just the two us every week, whether it’s at home, on a date or out of town.

Yoga: Being a mom is way more physically demanding than I had anticipated plus I desperately want to be able to do a balance dedicated to astavakra.

Being Less Self-Conscious: I operate under a heavy layer of fear at messing up or embarrassing myself; so while I love to sing, I’d never do it around others.  While I love to dance, I’d never do it in public.  This way of living is no fun and I’d like to have more fun :).

January Goals

Get this blog officially started

Read a book

Decorate our bedroom

Celebrate 14 years together

We will check back in February 1st to see how everyone has fared with their Goals with Grace!

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