Goals With Grace: February

Goals with Grace: February

Eh…. January is a rough month for me and my goal progress is clearly portraying that.  Bring on the Spring!!

Blog officially started… Technically its completed! I did write a post a least, however just a post.  Wordpress, while cleaner and better looking and geared towards blogging with a purpose is confusing for someone that has trouble operating a Mac computer she has owned for 7 years.

Read a book:  Did it! I joined up with a mom’s book club (meaning I get to also make a checkmark on my find a mom tribe goal) in January and we read “Where’d you go Bernadette?”  I enjoyed the book, but wish we had gotten a bit more in depth in the discussion, my first time meeting most of the moms, made me a little shy. We will discuss it here next week though!

Decorate our bedroom: not even a little bit.  BUT I did pin a whole bunch of ideas and think I may have narrowed down what I’m going to do.  Also, since we are passing through Portland on our way to the coast, I’m going to be picking up things from Ikea, so technically I failed for a purpose.

Celebrate 14 years together: did it!  We had a delicious dinner date at home after Eli went to bed, featuring pan fried mozzarella, steak and mini cheesecake. Recipes coming in the following weeks.

Now for our February Goals

Decide on a devotional: I’m thinking something from She Reads Truth, any suggestions?

Figure out some blogging basics

Decorate our bedroom

Celebrate:  Eli’s birthday, Valentine’s Day

Host a framily dinner

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What are you trying to accomplish this month, year, maybe just this day?

Musings on Motherhood Part 5

Musings on Motherhood: Part 5

I haven’t ever limited Eli’s “screen time” in fact, he loves introductory music so much that wherever he is in the house, he will come to stand in front of the tv just to watch it.

If I’m really tired and Eli wakes up before I’m ready, I nap on the floor of his room while he crawls around me.  This little trick will typically net me an extra 20-30 minutes of sleep 🙂

While I am so excited to have more children and be pregnant again someday, going back to the newborn days of being a someone’s sole source of food and sleeplessness and general bleariness and haze of new babydom scares me.

Motherhood is far lonelier than I knew, I am constantly around someone and yet craving social interaction.

Eli never wears a bib, I just have him naked 80% of the time.

The thing that is currently making me most nervous about parenthood right now is beginning to discipline Eli.  First of all, he is so cute, how am I to punish him? Second of all, how? when? I’m just overwhelmed with the idea of it.

I don’t see the big deal about 1st birthdays.  I don’t feel as though he is going to care at all, so we are going to the coast with our family instead of doing a party.  We will have a celebration, and I’m excited, but the “pinterest party” it will not be.

One of the best things about this SAHM life? No bras and yoga pants.

Wanting to feel better about your parenting and hear some more musings/confessions?

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Want to make me feel better about my mothering? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

11 Month Pictorial Update

11 Month Pictorial Update



Freezing cold Caldwell Lights, Eli was entertained for all of 3 minutes before he realized that he couldn’t move from the layers and couldn’t breathe from the cold.

Christmas 2014

Stocking unstuffing, kid is still unsure of gifts.


FINALLY getting a break of the gloom and chill and we couldn’t be happier!


Loves opening and the closing the dryer… and the doors, the framers, cabinets, the toilet…


This kid is a voracious reader and I know have at least 15 children’s books completely memorized.