14 Month Update

Because I’m behind and because I didn’t find the previous ways of doing monthly Eli updates particularly fascinating, we are changing it up!
Life with a 14 month old:

Life lately includes a lot of dance parties, eating dirt and rocks, falling down and crying only to get over it 45 seconds later. Guitar lessons with a strong emphasis on led Zeppelin, acdc and van halen, being swung up in the air, on his swing, basically just constant movement. It includes an exceptionally affection boy, that still gives exceptionally wet kisses, has started to develop food preferences resulting in boxes of graham crackers being dragged from room to room. Eli wants to be outside 90% of the time, gets a little clingy when momma tries to do too many projects, clearly resulting in hours of neglect. To show daddy his love, he stuffed his shooting paraphernalia with pita chips, obviously making sure Kenny and plenty to eat at his next match. While a very verbal child, the only English words we get our dog and da, no worries with communication though, he gets around with a lot of finger pointing and some light yelling. To sum up, life is good, really really really good. Eli is a blast right now, while being a wild child that gets into everything, he has maintained this increasingly sweet nature of giving soft things love and running into our arms for hugs. He is also amazing at playing by himself!! Which is a big win for us, ’cause sometimes you just need a break :). He is “pretty much” sleeping through the night typically takes one nap a day. One of my favorite parts of the day is getting to lay down on the floor with him and read him stories before he goes to sleep. Kenny and I can’t believe how much fun we are having and are overjoyed to get to watch over his life.

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