May Goals

May Goals: On time this month! Already doing so much better this time around!

Progress on April goals:

Start naptime diaries: started, the first page made me cry, so I know it’s going to be good. The first page discusses that I am the best choice for my child, the BEST choice. I can’t think of a more comforting phrase for any parent to hear. I don’t know for sure about the rest of you, but believing that truth doesn’t come easy to me.

Backyard: so much progress! I’m really happy with how far we have come. We still have plenty to do, fix the bbq, finish the benches, repair the sprinklers, but it is mainly just about letting everything grow right now. I would show a picture, but since everything is newly planted, there is not much to see and I think it would bum me out to feel like I wasn’t close to being done.

Bring back brunch: slowly but surely! It’s tough when everyone is always so busy! Ladies, reach out, do whatever it takes to see your buddies, even grocery shopping or doing laundry, I’m down just to visit!

2 family fun days: didn’t happen, things come up, plans change, fevers spike. But we have been working on more cohesive family time when the three of us are together. It’s really been lovely and one of my favorite things is just experiencing life as a unit.

Read a book: nope, next month we are driving to redding though, so I should be able to get two taken care of.

12 blog posts: hahahaha! How about 2? Maybe 3? I’m working on it guys.

I think the goal of the goals is to at least be working towards something. Getting caught up in whether or not I’m doing EVERYTHING ruins me and causes me to sit and do nothing- no good. As long as I’m making progress, I’ll take it.

May goals:

Finish the yard (it’s happening!)

Celebrate: May is a big month for us, 5 birthdays, graduation, Mother’s Day…

Stay consistent in the devotional and set apart family time.

Shut down the bakery.

Start running again.

12 blog posts

1 book

Get back to church