18 Month Update


Yay! We’ve kept a child alive for a year and a half! Now that Eli is finally a real human instead of those infant snuggle blobs, I think its time to start focusing more on Eli’s personality than on new developments with his skill set. A side note- really should have taken more advantage of that stage and spent more time doing whatever I wanted while he laid there :).
Let’s jump right in, shall we?

Eli is beyond sweet. Anytime I think to describe Eli, first thing that comes to mind- he is the sweetest. When he first meets a new child, he greets them by trying to hold their hand! Sure he gets brutally rebuffed about 8o% of the time, but it is adorable. He is very affectionate and loves to give hugs, kisses, head bonks, high fives and loves. Soft things are his jam- snuggling up to all animals (real or stuffed), his blankie and his poof for storytime. One of his most recent favorite things is cuddling up with Kenny to watch a movie and share a pickle, so weird and so cute.
Oddly enough, the other side of Eli’s sweet demeanor is that he is a thrill seeker. His favorite movie, Monsters Inc. favorite books, his Halloween monster ones, favorite activity, running around and having me scare him. We love to rough house and try to run out all of his energy, of which there is a lot! Eli is super adventurous at the park and the pool, always climbing up to a higher slide, jumping into the pool and in general terrifying and entertaining me all day, everyday. We are just so in love with this boy, it’s insane.
Eli is a rather stereotypical boy, preferring being outside to in, collects rocks and is obsessed with climbing up and down stairs. He has recently started pointing out every plane and any vehicle larger than a car. Just recently Eli has started to throw some tantrums, it is the funniest, saddest thing I have ever witnessed. He gets so upset that he just holds your face or stares right in your eyes and screams. Usually we just walk away from his tantrums or give him a hug and he gets over them pretty quickly. He is a rather easy going child. The main thing that I have learned about Eli and how best to help him interact with the world is to give him some warm up time. I am constantly running late, but in order for Eli to have the best experience at something, he needs to be eased into it. No rushing him into a gathering and immediately joining in the party. Eli likes to watch and observe, take his time getting to know what is going on. Once he warms up, he loves to socialize and visit with people.

What we are most looking froward to is Disneyland in the beginning of September!! Disneyland is Kenny and I’s place and we are so excited and grateful to get to take Eli and witness this space thorough his eyes!


Height: 31.5″ (Hopefully he will spring up to 32″ by the time we get to Disneyland!)

Weight: 23.5 lbs.

Sleeps: 11 hours a night, one 1.5-2 hour nap a day.  Keeping him on a steady sleep schedule makes a huge difference in his behavior and general happiness.


One thought on “18 Month Update

  1. Sue Boeckman says:

    Hi you sweet, beautiful girl, how could you ever be afraid to do any of the things you mentioned? We all have things we are insecure about!! Being a wife and mother is not easy, it is a big job. You just need to relax and enjoy what you can and don’t worry. God has so many plans for you and Kenny, first is you and Kenny. That sounds weird that I would say that!!! I did just the opposite. I have been a Christian since I can remember but I did not always do what I should have. I did not really have a relationship with The Lord until Kim took me to a church she had found. My eyes were opened that very night. I had a hard time excepting some of the ways the kids dressed. Barefoot, cut off shorts, tank tops. But as I lisened to the Pastor I knew that it was ok , God dose not care how we dress for church He just wants to have a relationship with us. I came from a Babtist church, best clothes etc etc. etc. etc. etc.
    but did not know Him!! Sorry I went on so long, I just want you to know how much we love you Kayla. Keep up the good fight, motherhood is not easy but the joy of that baby boy will be
    your reward.


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