We’re Back!

Hello again!! We’re back! Summer has been such a blast and we have done so many fun things. Having a toddler is the greatest; a little buddy to hang out with that I don’t have to carry and CONSTANTLY watch? Sign me up!! (Preferably 2 or 3 more times ;)). We have gotten to spend a lot of time with family this summer; it’s been amazing to watch Eli’s relationship with his grandparents grow, plus the extra help around our house and date nights! Eli went to his first baseball game, his first concert and has become quite the water baby- he loves to jump in the water and can swim underwater for a couple seconds. I started a garden and grew tomatoes, strawberries, romaine and corn! I planted quite a few other things, but since this is my first gardening year, we are just considering it a learning year. I have also gotten into a running routine and built a bed! We finished breaking down our bakery (with “some” help from my parents). Kenny has done incredible in his competitive shooting and has been game for all of my adventures! Basically this summer has kicked ass!!
Kenny and I have really hit this great stride in parenting and our relationship and it has been amazing. With all the changes that different work positions, and therefore different responsibilities and becoming parents bring, its nice to feel as though we are on top of things and don’t feel like amateurs. Life is looking so lovely right now and while I am looking forward to the routine that fall brings with it, I am hoping and praying that winter doesn’t do me in like it did last year. I think the key will be planning plenty of things to look forward to and embracing lots and lots of layers. So welcome back to our life!

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