It’s going to be full of pictures, but the absolute best pictures because it’s all Disneyland!    IMG_2364IMG_2487

Kenny was gifted this amazing, super generous trip to Disneyland and we could not have been more excited or grateful to take Eli to one of our most favorite places.  We were extra pumped that my parents came down to Disneyland as well; it’s amazing to not only have extra hands, but we were also able to sneak away for the “e-ticket” rides as well.  The first day was a stressful travel day and we ended up in the ER!! that night, but everything ended up being all good (a possible shouder/elbow dislocation, that resolved in the cab to the hospital).  We got really lucky with our plane rides though and had an extra seat to stick little man in, between that and the iPad, flying was a dream!


Eli was so much fun and was way more into everything that I had expected.  He loved the characters and got super into the immersive rides, like finding nemo and the little mermaid (so much that he now enjoys the little mermaid)

IMG_2394 IMG_2448 IMG_2389 IMG_2446 IMG_2443 IMG_2384 IMG_2379 IMG_2371 IMG_2401 IMG_3353 IMG_3354 IMG_2529 IMG_2537 IMG_2549 IMG_2532

It was amazing to watch him grow up by practicing patience and learning that he doesn’t get everything he wants whenever he wants.  We only had a couple of little fits, but for the most part he was wonderful to take and I can’t wait to go back with him.

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