Musings on Motherhood

Musings on Motherhood


Final porch popsicle of the summer

I knew that I would be handling a fair amount of poo, I had no idea that Eli would be reaching into dirty diapers to be handing me poo to let me know that he needed to be changed. That’s right, I am being handed poo.

On that note, potty training this young?? It sounds amazing to potty train early and he seems really ready, he takes off his diaper as soon as it gets dirty, tries to wipe himself and tries to sit on the toilet. I’m thinking about buying a training potty and just seeing how it goes.

My favorite part of Eli is really weird, and slightly awkward to explain, I love his body. I feel as though Eli is the most perfectly formed little boy. He is so physical and strong yet has the softest most tender little body, full of tan lines, scraps, and little bruises. I just stand and marvel at the fact that I grew this human body and he continues to grow and turn into my favorite little person. Is that a weird thing to write a love letter to your child’s body??

Now that Kenny and I are in talks to have more children, I have become a super creepy lady that leers at people with infants. It’s mortifying when I walk away from a table at work at realize that I never once looked at the grownups at the table.

There is this mom in my neighborhood that I see running my kind of run (ie not running, but strolling along and jogging intermittently) I desperately want to make her my mom friend, so I’m considering stalking her so that we eventually just “happen” to go running next to each other. Weird? Eh, I don’t like leaving my couch in the winter, so a neighbor mom friend would be ideal!

Dance parties with Eli are my most favorite thing in the whole world. He drags me out to the center of our house and then as soon as I turn on music, he will not stop until the music does.

I understand that all children are different and unique and I’m not worried about loving the next tiny human whenever we decide to have another, but I’m really hoping that the second baby is the exact same as Eli. I like to set my expectations far above reality and then have them crash down in a giant mess!

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