Dear Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/PBS…

Dear Genius Media People-

I just wanted to thank you for the many hours of sleep, rest, housework, pinterest, “me time” you’ve given me.  Last night I came home from work at 1:30 (in the am!) and my angel of a child decided that a 5:20 screaming wake up call was in order.  After trying to soothe said child back to sleep (i.e. pleading with him to lay quietly in his crib for several more hours) I made us a nest on the couch and we went back to sleep. Until 7.  There was a time when I could function quite well on 5 hours of sleep, relished the challenge of lack of rem cycle and replenishment.  Those days are a distant and forgotten memory.  So when I was awakened, with a book to the face, after a mere 4.5 hours of sleep, I gratefully grabbed the remote and turned on Toy Story.

An hour later I could fully wake up.  Wake up to find my child happy, content and, most importantly, in the exact same place that he was when the movie started; positively enthralled with Buzz Lightyear flying across the screen.  I still had enough time left in the movie to wake up without having to talk to anyone, make Eli breakfast without  him standing directly under my feet and basically start my day happy instead of in a delirious, sleep deprived fog.

Whatever magic brand of hypnosis you create, I am thankful and in awe of your ability to do so. (Perhaps you could possibly find a way to stop the shrieks that emanate from my child when I turn of the tv next?  I believe in you!)


Every parent everywhere, since the advent of television that has used it as a babysitter after swearing up and down that they would never do such a horrible thing and then having to eat their own words.

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