November Goals

Guys!!  October was not an epic failure of goal achieving!  This practice of setting goals and actually having to be accountable to at least a website, is finally paying off.

October Results:

10 Blog Posts:  got to 8!

Master Bedroom: Finally got the goods to do it, just need to implement it all.  We were a single car household for about 12 days this month (Kenny’s car got a new transmission that was installed incorrectly, thus resulting in a fire!), which isn’t a huge deal, except when it comes to decorating obviously.

Mom’s Group: Found one!  I’ll finally be meeting up with them for the first time on Wednesday

Halloween:  So much fun! (see previous post for details)

Apple Picking: did it!

Friends Gathering: …

Church: didn’t happen even once, maybe next month.

Healthy:  started running again and stopped inhaling cookies, feels good!

November Goals:

We are bringing over a couple of the goals from October,

Master Bedroom


Daily Routine Implemented: I function at my best self with a schedule.  I think for anyone that is mainly at home, having a schedule is necessary, otherwise the freedom to choose what one does becomes overwhelming and marathon sessions of Gilmore Girls win out.

Christmas Shopping Done:  Glennon over at Momastery mentioned that her family gets all of their shopping done by the end of November so that December can just be about celebrating  and I love that idea!  Not to mention that if I don’t set that lofty of a goal I will be doing my Christmas shopping in February, as per usual.

Orphan Thanksgiving:  We are going to Redding for Christmas this year for the first time in 7 years! I’m so excited for our families to spend Christmas with Eli this year.  Also! We get to do our own Thanksgiving out here!  Thanksgiving is my most favorite meal to make and we will be doing an orphan Thanksgiving (basically everyone else without family out here can come join us).

Date Night:  Kenny and I haven’t gotten to go out without Eli in…. 3 months?  I don’t know, way too long.  It’s going to happen this month!

Family Dates:  Even though Kenny and I haven’t gotten to go out without Eli, we have been making sure that we go out and do fun stuff together as a family.  This month I’m hoping to get to the zoo before it gets too cold and maybe hit up a hot spring.

Noonday Ambassador:  I’ve been toying around with becoming a Noonday ambassador, an amazing company that is all about empowering female entrepreneurs in developing countries. I love their jewelry and their business model.  I don’t expect to make any money, but it’s more about promoting a business I believe and getting out and conversing with adults and building community with women.

Book Club: Hoping to start a little book club with a Brene Brown book!

New Dish a Week:  Either a dessert or a main dish will work, just something to shake up the routine.

How about you?  Interested in setting any wintertime goals?  I miss The Tiny Twig doing her monthly Goals with Grace link up so shout yours out in the comments below!

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