Musings on Motherhood

I don’t feel bad letting Eli cry it out when we need to get his sleep back on schedule.  I know that so many parents can’t handle the tears, but I am heartless and cold, so cry all you want baby boy, you need the sleep.  However all bets are off past a half hour, everyone has their limits. image image

I firmly believe that my “time off” is between 8pm and 7am.  If Eli wakes up, it is basically the same as your average person getting a phone call from their boss telling them to be at work in 5 seconds.  Which is why the idea of going through newborn sleep deprivation is making me drag my feet for baby number 2.

Eli was a surprise baby and the idea of “trying” for another is such a foreign concept.  Sounds like a ton of pressure.

My favorite thing to do with Eli is chase him all around the house, he runs and screams and just has so much fun.  What is most funny about it though, is that he is doesn’t fully understand the concept of chase so he just stands there giggling, waiting for me to catch him.

When Kenny was little he showed a strong preference for his dad, which must surely be a genetic thing, because if Kenny is around, I’m invisible.  The other night Eli took the book I was trying to read him for bedtime and brought it to Kenny- 3 times!!  Whatever, when he is sick, I’m all he wants.

I’ve started trying to make new mom friends and it is so bizarre!  Kenny and I have been together since we were 14, meaning I’ve never been in the dating scene, but I feel as though that is perhaps a similar situation.  I just look for moms with children similar in age to mine and stalk them, not super weird at all.

Eli’s vocabulary has been expanding like crazy, but not in any kind of calculable way.  He says words, but won’t ever repeat them.  Whenever he is reading his animal books alone, he makes all the animal sounds, but again, never when anyone asks.  It’s so frustrating, but at the same time, what can I expect from someone with such stubborn parents.



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