Highs and Lows

This is going to be a little rambly as I make chocolate cake, watch Firday Night Lights, work out and catch you all up on our weekend.

I remember watching The Story of Us when Kenny and I were in high school and LOVING that they did high/low around the table, so much that I told Kenny that I wanted to do that all the time, 13 years later, we have done it maybe 10 times.  I still love the concept though and this weekend was certainly filled with a lot of high/low, so let’s get into it.

Low:  Eli has been a little temper tantrum throwing brat, including throwing himself on the wall, the floor- he looks like a Disney princess throwing themsleves down to burst into tears.  He has been hitting! me anytime we have to leave the park and just in general been a dramatic, whiny little guy.  I have little to no patience and in general am feeling terrible about my ability to parent and manage my child.

High:  Whew, that was a pretty big low, but now the opposite end of that low,  Eli is potty training!  I have been workinng with him for a couple weeks and when I had his diaper off of him the last couple times, he has run to the bathroom and gone on his little potty all by himself!!!  He is also starting to talk so much more, it’s amazing!  That kid drives me crazy with his ability to push me to the end of my rope and then fill me up with all this joy by being so loving and sweet and then making big improvements in his develpoment.  Parenthood is rough guys, so much up, so much down.

You know this weekend was so wonderful and we had this amazing family day, we went to the hot springs, made major progress on our room.  Through out all of this, I kept thinking about the fact that there are certain things or people, words that I wear around me like a blanket and family days are one of them.   They are the times that I feel known, safe, whole.  I curl up into those moments and wrap myself in them like a blanket.  As we head into this Thanksgiving week,  I hope you all have lots of “blanket moments.”

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