Thanksgiving 2015

As I sit here enjoying leftover pumpkin pie, getting to reflect on our past Thanksgiving celebrations, I’m loving the idea of celebrating and setting aside a day to rest in God’s grace and bounty.  Maybe that’s what Sunday was originally meant to be, the original Thanksgiving, only now it’s been reduced to  a single day a year.  Let’s challenge ourselves to begin again, maybe start out slow, set aside one Sunday a month; gather with friends, gather with family, stuff yourselves silly and enjoy your blessed life.


After Thanksgiving, Friday was spent in jammies all day long, online black friday shopping for the win!  Saturday, indulging in leftovers once again.  Rounded out our weekend on Sunday with church, Target and a dinner that was cooked by my husband!  Dropping Eli off at the toddler area was so sweet.  This was the first time he has gotten to go be with toddlers instead of babies and he didn’t look back once.  Bittersweet moment for sure.

I’m spending today trying to get our December planned and lots of fun things planned, I hope you are all enjoying this celebratory time of year!


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