Toddler Gifts

Being a big believer in not wanting to waste money, unnecesarily fill up a landfill and hating clutter has turned me into a bit of a minimalist.  This is especially apparent when it comes to things for Eli.  Being the only child, the only grandchild and just so dang adorable, has obviously made sure that he would want for nothing, but I try not to let him have everything.


Clearly, he has plenty to play with.

Knowing that each phase and size Eli is in is quite fleeting, combined with the knowledge that he will surely be gifted plenty anytime he is around his enormous family, has made sure that I limit the things he has.  BUT!  It is so much harder than I thought it would be!  Especially because this is the first year that Eli will actually get into Christmas.  I’m looking at all of these amazing toys that I know he would LOVE and I just need to remind myself that he doesn’t need them ALL.  He will not stay interested in them ALL, we do not have room for them ALL.  I also like to remind myself that Eli is not going to be our only child, and that maybe number 2, number 3, number 4? would like toys that aren’t only hand me downs.

So, here we are at Christmas time and Eli is getting snowpants, Mr. Potato Head accesory set, a couple books and stocking stuffers (alphabet magnets, bathtub crayons, hat, toothbrush, movie).  I’m eyeballing a ball pit, racetrack, realistic looking toy animals, basketball hoop, tricycle, ukelale, cars, sled, cozy coupe, zoo membership, soccer tots lessons.  We may end up purchasing one more toy for Eli, but probably won’t.  His birthday is two months after Christmas, therefore if there are any things that he still “needs” after the holiday season, he can get them then, or really anytime; there has never been a rule that I need to wait for an occasion to buy my son a present.


A little glimpse from last year, look at that sweet boy!!

As we enter this holiday season, and shower our children with gifts, I hope to keep in mind that stuff is just stuff and that the traditions we start to put in place our what those little ones are going to remember and cling to.  It’s good to buy the presentrs it’s good to give the gifts, but there is no reason or need to go overboard and buy ALL the things.  It’s why we will go to the Christmas parade, the botanical gardens all lit up, church as a family, decorate all together, visit Santa, Christmas eve sushi, gingerbread houses, drive around looking at Christmas lights.  Our family isn’t going to ever be the ones that are great the strict daily countdown of advent, commemorating each day with a trinket or outing, but we have quite a few things on the books and I can’t wait to grow our collection of ways to celebrate that bring us all together,

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