Day in the Life

I adore knowing what other people do all day because I’m super nosy and have plenty of patience for the minutia of the everyday.  A day in the life post, how fun!  Or so I thought.  I would have loved for this to have been a perfect magical day, but in reality, this is just the everyday; some things fail and some things are great.

2:30am:  Little man wakes up (has not been common lately, thankfully!) Binky back in mouth, boy back to sleep.

7:15am: Eli wakes up for the day and wakes me up by yelling for me.  Grab him and snuggle in bed, watching the Christmas tree.


7:45am: Diaper change and breakfast, blueberries and cottage cheese.

8:15am:  Couple episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse for the kid; time on my phone and some light napping for mama.  I’ve been trying to be very intentional with my time.  When Eli is watching a show, I need to either rest or do something productive, because when he isn’t, I need to be fully present with him.



9:15:  Time to make the bed, clean up the house, play with Eli.  Lately its been Mr. Potato Head and animals or things he can destroy.  I read somewhere that in order to maintain some sense of order and calm, you should try to keep one room of your house as a sanctaury, clean and orderly.  That has become our bedroom and it works amazing.  Plus Eli loves “helping” me make the bed by rolling in all the bedding.



Toast and apple snack, he very much prefers them whole.


Inevitable toddler meltdown pertaining to me saying no to more tv 🙂


11:45am:  Couple books and down for a nap!

12:00: Yoga, catching up on Friday Night Lights.


12:45pm: Chore of the day: bathroooms!  And a facemask to make sure I stay on top of the ability to multitasking.


1:15pm:  Shower- BY MYSELF!!!

1:45pm:  Eli is up from his nap.

A little tv time while I get lunch ready- toast, orange, cheddar cheese, veggie squeeze packet.

Getting ready, running around the house.

3:00pm: Head to the park and the bank.

3:30pm: At the park!  On a gorgeous, sunny 50 degree day.   We have been trying to get out of the house and play outside with Eli everyday, days like today it’s much better than the 30 degree slushy days.

He wanted to run around the tennis courts the whole time.

4:15pm:  Head back home for Daddy time!

5:00pm:  Make frosting for sugar cookie houses.


5:45pm:  Try to build a sugar cookie house and epically fail at it.  A delicious failure.


6:00pm:  Bathtime to rinse off all the stickiness.

6:30pm:  Make dinner.

7:15pm:  Realize that dinner is also going to be a failure (new rice recipe, different brand of shrimp- all terrible!) Kenny leaves to grab dinner.  Eli eats cottage cheese, peas, black beans for dinner :).

8:00pm:  Stories and bedtime.


8:15pm:  Margarita and The Voice…. Followed by The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.


11:00pm:  Bedtime.


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