Musings on Motherhood

Let’s start this out, by saying that throughout everything I ever write, think, do or say, I will always and forever agree with Amy Poehler and go with “good for you, not for me.”


Part of why I want a second (third, fourth…) child is to validate my position as a stay at home mom.  To make it “worth it” financially, at least two children need to be involved and to make it so that I feel as though I am busy and fulfilled enough, I need at least two.  Did anybody else feel like that when they just had one?  Did it go away at two?

Eli clogged the toilet for the first time.  With cotton balls and makeup packaging.  And I had cleaned it about 4 hours earlier.  And the plunger didn’t work.  And I have thin hands, long arms and flexible wrists.  I used my hand to unclog a toilet.  My life is as glamorous as it sounds.

It has taken Kenny and I a long time to get back to “normal.” Normal isn’t even the correct word.  There is no back to normal after kids, there is only finding a new normal.  Because those babies grow so fast and change so much, that means that the new normal is also constantly changing.  The big part of the struggle with parenthood and relationships is that those relationships have to find constant new footing.  It’s tiring and trying, but so very worth it.

Not only is it common for me to wear the same clothes two days in a row, but it actually uncommon for me not to.  Before you get too thrown off by my second day attire, I don’t actually get into to real clothes until about 2 in the afternoon, meaning I get about 7 hours of those clothes and if I’m just hanging out home or the park, it hardly justifies a wash.  Honestly, I’m just being environmentally friendly.

Sleep is the most important thing in the world.  Seriously, the most important thing.  I will forever be a sleep nazi.  Push a naptime, push a bedtime and everything is thrown off.  I know I’m the annoying mom that gets stuck in sleep jail, but I’m happier and better with regular sleep habits and so is Eli.



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