Happy New Year!!

Welcome to 2016, so glad to have you here along with me this year!  December got really busy and I have a lot of posts that are halfway done to finish up, but let’s just get caught up on what we accomplished in December and 2015 as a whole.


2015 Goals:

Word of the Year: Celebrate!  Took a lot more time to live in the moment and celebrate what was going on in our world- win!

Camping: nope…

Budget:  um…. yes?  Honestly, we were pretty good about this, but not great, a solid B.

Work from Home:  nope, but! Have become a lot more disciplined in writing more often so improvement has happened 🙂

Time with Jesus:  This is a goal that I actually feel bad about admitting defeat on.  I didn’t spend any specific time in the word, we have been going to church again and once again have been more present in the moment.  Basically Jesus and I are running in the same circle, but not getting a whole lot of bonding, one-on-one time.

Decorate the house:  HUGE progress on this!! We don’t have unused space anymore!  Still very much need to finish, but our house is feeling more complete and homier.

Community:  Also, big improvement.  It’s terrifying to constantly put myself and Eli out there to meet up with people, but we have been doing it and have found a play group.  I have been more intentional with my friendships and feel as though the ones that remain, are deeper.

Time for myself:  This year was big on figuring out what works for me, for Eli, for Kenny, for our life and this area was no exception.  Having a family has put my time into perspective and I have learned what feeds me, rejuvanates me and how best to implement it.

Marriage:  !! For two people as opposite as Kenny and I, it can be challenging to get on the same page, not to mention the same team.  I feel like we are there, we find the time, we voice our needs, we found our footing.  Not to say we didn’t end up not having a date for 9 weeks in a row, but we ended it with a mountain getaway!

Yoga:  Meh, not great. I have had a lot to learn about yoga, as in, it actually requires way more strength than flexibility to do the poses that I want to do.  Mind blowing information.

Self-Conscious:  I think this has gotten better, but really this has been off my radar and I’m not too sure how to track my progress.

December 2015:

Volunteer:  next month!

Master Bedroom:  So close 🙂

Living Room:   I decorated for Christmas before the week of Christmas, so technically I did do something in the living room this month.

New Dish:  seriously, December was not a great month for accomplishing goals.

Christmas Activites:  Check Check Check!  I’ll be doing a Christmas recap soon and y’all will be so impressed!

Yoga:  Improved, but didnt get to the pose I wanted to accomplish.

Published:  Didn’t even submit anything,  I’m telling you this was a bummer month for goals but a great one for spending time with family.

I’ll be make tomorrow with a game plan for 2016!


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