Christmas Recap

I’m not quite finished with what we want to accomplish and take care of in 2016, mainly because I am ending the year in such a good place as a family, as a mom, as a wife and I’m having a hard time figuring out how to just keep the momentum going.

Let’s talk Christmas!   Christmas has never been my big holiday,  I adore Thanksgiving and think that Halloween is the most fun.  However, we went to spend Christmas in redding with our whole family for the first time in about seven or eight years and it was a  truly magical time.  I had high hopes for this Christmas season to be have a more Godly centered focus; explaining the nativity, Christmas eve service, books about Jesus’ birth, but this season ended up being purely about family.  A couple days after Christmas I felt a little guilty about the lack of teaching Eli and our family received during the season and it was quickly pushed away by peace and joy.  I don’t think God is disappointed by the fact that we wrapped ourselves up in family and indulged in time together this year.  I think God says yes to reducing the have tos and resting in the get tos.  God is family and light and love and for Eli to feel the full weight of “home” and family at Christmas is an amazing introduction to the gift of Jesus.

This Christmas was an especially significant one for our family, because it was our last one with Nana.  Kenny’s Grandma is a one in a million woman that I can’t wait to share some more about, but, like most things, my post on her is only halfway done.  Suffice it to say, that we are all heartbroken at her passing and terribly terribly grateful that we got to surround her with love at Christmastime this year.


Kenny’s cousins were so sweet with Eli, answering “what’s that?” over and over and over again.  “Still oranges.”


Not the favorite gift of the year, but pretty close 🙂


This family picture only took about 49 tries…


Christmas morning at Grammy and Pop pop’s,  fairly certain my mom has never been happier.


And here we have the favorite gift of the year, Buzz Lightyear and some stolen balloons Eli claimed as his own.


DB Christmas Party.  I could not be more thankful that Kenny works for such  great company that throws a killer party I get to dress up for.



Christmas lights, reindeer, carolers!? Idaho Botanical Gardens has the best Christmas magic.



We managed to escape the extended family and the baby for a night away in the mountains, a movie that was not created by Disney and Pixar magic and a dinner at one of my childhood haunts, Mike and Tony’s.  I am not above abusing grandparents and their offer of free overnight baby-sitting.


Eli has been losing his mind, every time we try to get his hair cut, it took Yia Yia a couple days, but she was able to get it out of his eyes and only had to suck up to him a little bit.


Dad’s birthday brunch… the day after Christmas.  Can you think of a rougher day to have a birthday as a child?  However, you would never have to go to school on your birthday!


Travel ready toddler

We looked at lights, hung with Santa, decorated as a family, ate tons of good food and fell in love with our lives and our family this Christmas and while we didn’t get to all the Christmas activities on my to do list (due to a cloud of sickness that has hovered over our house for the past 6 weeks),  I’m counting this year as one of the best yet.


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