Musings on Motherhood

Sometimes I organize all of Eli’s toys and play the game of how quickly can he destroy everything.  other times I close the doors and pretend I don’t know how to open them just so that things can stay pretty for awhile :).


It’s a special kind of witchcraft that children possess to make you want to simultaneously pull your hair out and procreate.

Motherhood is not only physically demanding but quite abusive- I get head butted, slapped, clawed, kicked on the daily, purely accidentally. Save our bout with frustrated hitting.  The kid is a bruiser.

Trying to get pregnant has me feeling like Phoebe.  ALL THE TIME.  I took 4 pregnancy tests last month, well before I should have.

We have to hold Eli down while he screams to cut his nails.  Any tips out there?  Torturing your kid is rough stuff.

These long inside winter hours are slowly killing me.  But being outside with Eli takes forever.  Eli can hardly walk in any of his boots and he just slooooooowly drags his way around the neighborhood stopping to eat snow the whole way.  It’s adorable, but a quarter mile walk takes 30 minutes and gets really really cold when you’re not moving.  Come on springtime!

However at the same time, I’m really hoping for one more really good big snow fall so that we can take Eli sledding.  I’m a constant mix of contradictions.



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