Oh hey there!!


It has been rough getting back into some sort and form of a schedul, between Eli deciding to suddenly become very adamantly against sleep and me decidet o get a cold that lingers on and on and on, slow going.  However, Eli went to bed like a champ and I do not feel completely miserable, so I’m going to tell you all about 2016, or what I hope it to be.

Aside from the above reasons for being slow going with this post, deciding on these goals has been a real challenge.  This year has been a really discerning, big deal year for me in which I was discovering who I am as a mother, a wife, an adult in general.  Motherhood has had a way of making me feel like I am accomplishing nothing.  Everyday, I prepare 3 meals, clean up the same messes (and do it again 4 other times), do the same thing day in and day out, sometimes I am patient, sometimes I am not, but this year, I don’t want to lose sight of the fact that I am doing big, completely immeasurable work.  Making my goals for this year is really just about not losing the momentum on this past year.Things that worked:

Word of the year:  Growth!  Took me a long time to land on that one, but this is the year for growth for sure! Growing our family, growing our futures, growing our lives.

Sustainable/Ethical Purchasing:   Big backyard garden and very conscious clothing choices.  This year we will have a large garden, hopefully with an overflowing bounty.  As I have gotten into purchasing groceries that have a production line I am prouder to support, this is starting to overflow into other purchases, mainly clothing and Eli’s toys.

House a home:  Continuing to not have any unusable spaces in our home, finishing the decorating.  Completing our backyard transformation, nw that we have had a useable backyard space, we know what needs to change.

Adventuring:  I would like to be outside more and more and more, camping, day trips, vacations, let’s have an adventure or 12 this year!

Read/School/cook:  I find myself talking about Eli ALL THE TIME.  Listen, I love the crap out  of that kid, but I do not want to end up having everything that I talk about, everything that I know be about my kids.  So, its time to continue to expand my mind, my life, reading a book a month; would love to say a week, but let’s be realistic.  I’m also wanting to take some online classes, not in anything major, just hobby stuff :).  Would like to continue making and baking new things in the kitchen.  Keep the excitement going.

Budget:  Still a goal, probably will be every year. This is a major one this year because we have some major goals for this year- buying a minivan(!) and moving me to seasonal employment after this summer (!).

My Career:  It’s time guys, time to get published, time to grow this space, time to phase out the restaurant work.

Preschool:  Eli is rapidly approaching 2 years old and I’m starting to get questions about preschool?! I hadn’t even been thinking about it, but now I am and I need to start implementing a bit more of a little homeschool preschool deal at home.  In other words, this will be the year of educational gifts 😉

Specifically January 2016:

Garden Plan:  It is time to plan out the where, what, when and how of planting this big giant garden I have in mind.  Lots of research commmencing today!

Master Bedroom:  Seriously, I really need to finish this up.  It is seriously an afternoon and hundred dollar investment to finish this room off, but I keep dragging my feet.

Routine:  Regular chores, regular excercise, regular eating.  Time to slough off the holiday heydey.

Garage: finish the garage, back room transition.

New:  one book this month, one new meal/dessert a week.

Blog:  submitting some work for other blogs, 3 posts a week.

A couple weeks late, but lets get started 2016!!


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