23 Months with Eli

Almost two years old!  In some ways Eli has always seemed this old; he never had that chunky baby body, he hasn’t needed me to carry him around everywhere for awhile and yet he still seems so little, he is a tiny guy, still doesn’t speak much.  What’s it like to have a 23 month old right now?  CRAZY!! This kid is a wild man and constantly keeps me on my toes.  Eli loves to run and run and run, all you have to say is do you want to run really fast?! And he takes off running laps around the dining room table.  He loves to dance, which is basically just him running around in circles, but still adorable.  In general, anything physical, Eli is all about- jumping, being thrown in the air, tickling, going up and down stairs (bonus points if you can find an escalator to play on).



Some  stats about Eli

Loves:  Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, balls, physicality, swinging as high as he can (seriously, when we go to the park, we are on the swings for about 20 minutes and he throws a fit when I finally make him do something different), Mr.  Potato Head.

Weight: 26.5 lbs.

Height: 32 in.

Eating:  Eli is either a champion eater or nothing at all.  Loves spaghetti, cottage chese, green juice, blueberries, toast, soup and cookies.

Development:  Eli is still not talking much.  He has been saying “what’s that” to everything all the time for months.  He has started trying to say Buzz Light and To Infinity.  He still says dog, wow, and recently oh no.  He knows so much more than he is able to say, so we are just counting on him talking eventually.  He knows where his eyes, ears, mouth, nose, head, toes, belly button are.  Will put trash away in the trash can, he is so close to potty training, totally understands to concept, but hasn’t figured out the connection, plus he can’t say that he needs to go the bathroom yet, so… He cleans up messes when he spills water, has started picking up his toys (and then dumping them back out immediatly…)

In conclusion, this 23 month old boy has fully stolen my heart.  He is still sweet and affectionate, super snuggly, gentle, loves other kids and animals.  He waves bye bye and give knuckles and high fives to everyone he meets.  Im so smitten, its unreal.

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