Garden Space 2016

Last year I tried gardening for the first time and I loved it!!  By many accounts, I completely failed- as in about 80% of my plants didn’t produce anything.  However the one that did was my tomatoes and they were amazing.  I did learn a lot; things like, you need to feed your plants (what?!), plant them in full sun… serious beginner here.  Instead of scaring myself away from homegrown food, I am fully on this train and can not wait to get started.

Gardening in Idaho is supposed to be really easy but I’m from California and I’m used to a forever growing season.  I’ve been doing my research and I am ready.  I know my planting schedule, where my plants are going, etc. etc.  In case any of you Idaho readers are planning on trying to garden like a madman this year, I’m leaving it all here and we can do this together! (Bonus, I’ve done the planning work for you!)

Mid February: Artichoke (this is an experimental planting to try to “fool” the artichoke into thinking it has been 2 years by the time I put it into the ground this summer.)

Mid March/Early April Seed Starters:








April Outdoor Plantings:






Potato starts

Sweet Potato starts


Broccoli Starts

Cauliflower Starts

Dwarf Tangerine Tree (Potted Tree)

Avocado (Potted)

May (Mother’s Day) Plantings:

Green Beans

Snap Peas

Sweet Peas

Brussel Sprouts


Eggplant Starts


Pepper Starts

Yellow Squash



Butternut Squash

Tomato Starts

Melon Starts


Blueberry Root

Blackberry Root

Raspberry Root

Dwarf Apple Tree

Nectarine Tree

We are taking over our side yard for this huge garden this year.  There will be three raised beds along the fence: 2 x 4 feet, 4 raised beds: 5 x 3 feet along with 2 potato buckets.  Whew!! In March I’ll get the beds made and ready and I can’t wait for Eli and I to spend the summer playing in the dirt.





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