Questions I’m Driving My Husband Crazy With

I talk a lot. A lot a lot a lot.  As in part of why I blog is because I just have way too many things to say. My husband?  Not a big talker; at times it drives me crazy, other times I’m so happy because then I get to talk more!  Things I’ve recently asked my sweet husband that puts up with my incessant questions, things that I’m sure are slowly driving him mad, things that have no right answer.

Am I obsessed with Eli? -no

Should I be? -what?

*After getting my hair done in virtually the same way I’ve had it done everytime.  Do you like it this way more or the old way? -all the ways

Do you wish I wore something besides yoga pants, sweatshirts and dirty hair? -of course not….

*Thermostat set to 73.  Is it cold in here? -….

Do you want to change Eli’s diaper? -dying to!

Do you want fish or chicken for dinner? -steak

Can we get chickens? A bunny? Another cat? Another dog? All the small furry animals ever? -no, no, if you get rid of the ones we have now, no

Just a day in the life of the world’s luckiest man!


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