Round #2

Baby Platt #2 coming November 2016



Clearly super stoked about our big news! Haha!! It’s ok buddy, I understand that older sibling trauma.


5 weeks

While everyone is busy casting their votes in an election that appears to have no reasonable options :), we will be welcoming baby #2!!

We are so excited and weirdly bored with this pregnancy.  The whole planned and second pregnancy thing is so very mellow and low key.  There hasn’t been a freak out scramble to figure out what the hell we are going to do and how to fix what has just happened.  Not to say that this isn’t a super amazing time and little miracle, but we are basically just waiting for November!

I have been feeling good, not all that different from how I normally feel.  I’m extra sleepy and voraciously hunrgy, but that’s been the only change.

I’ll be keeping everyone updated with the same questions I did with Eli.  I’m so excited to see how the pregnancies relate to each other.

How far along?  5 Weeks

Weight Gain? 2 pounds

Cravings?  Just insanely and constantly hungry.  Not craving anything, but I’ve really been enjoying eating lots of fruits and veggies.

Sleep?  If I sleep it is a really great deep sleep, the kind you wake up from not knowing what day it is or where you are. I’m also being very conscientious of trying to get in a nap on days that I’m feeling extra tired.  Basically this pregnancy I’ve been able to focus on taking care of myself a little bit better than last time.

Queasiness? Nope

Best moment this week?  Finalizing the division between a doctor or a midwife for prenatal care and delivery.

Looking forward to?  Getting the pregnancy started, I love the bump and the miracle, not so much the exhaustion and waiting.


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