March 2016 Goals

Welcome back to goal time! The sun is shining, I got 8 hours of sleep last night- let’s do this!!!!

Garden:  This month I am getting several of our seeds started indoors and getting the rest of the yard ready for spring.   Basically I will be pulling all the weeds, mapping out the raised beds and getting the non garden part of the yard all ready for springing time feeding and planting.

Daytrip:  I’m thinking a little trip to jumpcreek or to a sledding hill, some sort of outdoor mini-adventure.

Girl’s Brunch: These always start coming back when the weather warms up and I am so very excited!

Easter Celebration:  It’s gettting to be so much fun to do holidays with Eli and this one should be no exception.  Hopefully he will at least say Jesus so that we know we are somewhat headed on the right path.

Garage Organization:  My parents will be here at the end of the month and that always means that I will be taking advantage of home improvement knowledge and free labor 😉  We need to build some overhead storage so that we have room in the back room for the new baby!

Date Night:  Lots of advantage being taken this month 🙂  It’s really a gift I’m giving the grandparents…

Master Bedroom: … Seriously now

Read a book:  Real talk, I haven’t finished a book in a year! A year!!  It’s ridiculous, and I keep wanting to change it, but there is just so much to do!

That should be plenty to keep us busy with this month!

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