8 Week Update


How far along? 8 weeks? See below

Weight Gain? 3 pounds

Cravings? Cheese! Last pregnancy was milk, this time cheese.  My body must know that a teeny human is leaching all of the calcium out of my body, because I can not get enough swiss, blue, meunster, aged cheddar….

Sleep? WAHHH!  I am having major insomnia in the middle of the night, as in tossing and turning for hours around 3 in the morning.  I typically try to fall back asleep leaving me tired and useless the next day, but feeling like I shouldn’t take a nap because I have stuff to do.  From now on I’ll be getting up and trying to be productive and then having plenty of time to sleep during naptime.

Queasiness? Not as long as I eat enough.

Best moment this week?  Having our doctor make us feel really good about a vbac!

Looking forward to?  Our next appointment!

At our prenatal, our doctor made us feel really good about attempting a vbac, however the ultrasound wasn’t full of good news.  We came into the appointment at 8 weeks however the ultrasound put our little bean at 6 weeks.  First of all, I’ve never had an early ultrasound…. with a wand….inside my body.  I thought I was getting undressed for the physical exam; way too much happened to my body at that appointment. Second of all, I understand that no one in the medical field likes to give any false hope but I would appreciate a slightly less fearful attitude.  Anyway, the doctor said that everything looks good just not big enough, which could be due to a late ovulation or any number of factors.  I’m thinking my babies just grow slowly and are small.  Eli was a 42 weeks gestational period and only 7.5 pounds, meaning, born at 40 weeks would most likely be a 6.5 pound baby, not exactly large.  We are prayful and hopeful that everything is perfectly fine and that I am growing a teenier than normal babe and would so appreciate it if you would join us in that!

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