For some people a general plan for the day or the week is sufficient to get them going, for others the need to map out the day.  And then for a special few, they need a full and total gameplan; broken down by the hour or even more, the half hour.  I’m constantly resisting the urge to be the crazy scheduler, as a stay at home mom of a singular child, my days shouldn’t be that hard to manage.  And yet,they are. Wiithout a schedule, but a definite to do list, I find myself sitting on the couch, knowing what I need to get accomplished and thinking that I will have plenty of time to do it.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.

As much as I hate doing it, I have to sit down and write out a schedule for myself about every three days.  I would love to do it a week at a time but with weather changes, differences in naps and a general inability to follow through on what I plan, I have to to be able to change things up quite frequently.  The benefit of writing down a half hour increment plan for the day, is that I can look back on my day and see that I did something!  Staying home with a toddler all day constantly makes me feel as though nothing is actually getting done, the messes and tantrums keep coming and someone is always hungry (usually me!). Having everything written down means that I can look back and say, the floors got cleaned in the morning, we played with the train and took a walk, I paid the gas bill and took a nap after giving myself 20 minutes of downtime.

The trouble that I’m having is finding a planner that works for me.  I like to have half hour increments of time, plenty of room for writing, space to write in at the top things that need to be placed in the schedule below, thick paper so there is no bleed through and a regular at a glance monthly calender as well (high-maintenance!!)  As of right now, I’m using a notebook and on the hunt to find what I want, otherwise I’ll be designing something myself and letting any of you that would like to borrow those templates.  However, if any of you have a suggestion for the planner I’m looking for, please shout it out, I’d love to save myself the time!


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