April 2016 Goals

Master Bedroom (Desk area):  Clearly the idea of finishing my whole bedroom is proving far far too difficult, so I’m breaking it down.  The chair for the desk, the plant, the calender/organization stuff.  If I can’t finish this stuff, I think it may be time to take this off my list and just put it aside for a bit.

Read a Book:  I’m thinking Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  Kenny will be out of town for almost a week, so I have no excuse to not get at least halfway through a book.

Community:  Girls group, mom’s group, dinner with friends.  For a long time I have resisted building deep community out here, always thinking that we might move, but we are here and I don’t want to lose the community we have built.

Garden:  Build the raised planter beds, get my april seeds in the ground and get more plants onto our berm in the backyard.

Schedule:  My crazy half hour increment schedule is working really well for me and I desperately want to keep it up.

Running:  It’s that time of year again and I would like to not lose all running progress by missing an entire season.

Blog: 12 blog posts, food photography lessons from my father-in-law, finding out if I got the food blogging job.



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