Motherhood Musings

We’ve made it through and now that I’ve blurted everything that I’ve felt out on the web, we are headed into the weekend feeling lighter than ever! Thank you all so much for the amazing support and kind words you’ve sent our way after baring my soul.

This weekend will be spent finishing our garden, turning this into ice cream sandwiches, having a night out and doing a great big family day, basically perfection.

Loved this article on overwhelm in motherhood.

Eli being able to take has made parenthood  exponentially more fun.  It feels like all of the repeating of everything over and over and over again is finally paying off- he recognizes blue and yellow!

Speaking of learning new things, Eli is deeply in the potty training right now and it is glorious! I’m so excited for a break in diapers and to make purchasing clothes so much easier; cloth diapers are extremely padded and I don’t want to have to buy two different sizes just to accommodate the bulk.

Eli is obsessed with babies right now, as in has me make a bottle and blankie out of playdough so that he can treat his Lighting McQueen car like a baby.

Also obsessed with playdough.  Everyday play play play while clinging to the closet door.  See also pops pops pops while begging for a popsicle.

Every bit of relationship advice seems to touch on the five love languages and I continue to try to figure it out, but it is challenging. Challenging because I recieve love mainly in all but the gift language.  The way I show love though is through physical touch and acts of service, with words of affirmation making a close second.  It’s hard to be difficult all across the boardimage

Taking advantage of a flooded park and the opportunity to strip off his clothes at every chance.


Morning snuggles, pretty much the best



I wasn’t joking about the popsicle obsession.



Also obsessed: sunglasses and binkies (trying to break that binkie habit though!)

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