May 2016

Typically I would give myself a little bit of a hard time for falling so short on my goals, but given that I checked out for a bit, I’m giving myself grace.  The great thing about being a full fledged grown up is giving yourself grace when necessary and a swift kick in the ass when necessary as well.  This month’s goals will probably be more closely related to grace, with a little ass-kicking 😉

First how I did in April:

Master bedroom: Not a chance, but my husband did put up some super modern targets for shooting practice so I’ve got that to work around now…

Read a book: nope

Community:  Did it!  Kenny and I had friends over for dinner, I escaped to dinner with girlfriends; it was a good community month.

Garden:  Mainly done, a little behind on planting.

Schedule: Yes!  It got wonky with the couple weeks off, but in general yes.

Running: 1 run, 1.

Blogging: Still waiting to hear back from thetinytwig (it’s not like she just had a book come out or anything ;)).  Photography class got pushed.  And only 7 posts. wah wah.

May Goals:

Book:  Wild and Free by Hayley Morgan and Jess Connelly.  I’ve been waiting for this book and waiting to dive into something.  I finally got the book in my hands and I’m nervous to start.  It’s been so long since I’ve really devoured a book and I tend to get overly wrapped up in whatever I’m reading, meaning everything else falls to the wayside.

Girl’s Brunch: Back with the community theme, my restaurant girlfriends and I are bringing back our Saturday brunch!  My best friend might be coming up to visit from Nevada and I’m hoping to start our family dinners back up as well, great community month.

Garden:  This is my whole Mother’s Day plan and I am so excited! Everything should be planted and good to go within the next 4 days.

Celebrations:  Mother’s Day, Megan’s baby shower, Kenny’s Birthday, My Birthday, it’s a busy month and I want to do it up right!

Monthly Baking/Blogging Plan:  Time to set up a monthly plan so that I’m not constantly scrambling 🙂 First on my list: sugar cookies that do not spread with a buttercream icing that is close to as pretty as royal as possible .

Working Out:  If I’m not pregnant, I can’t give myself a pass on this, it has to happen. Not for that elusive bikini body as much as it’s for my own mental stability.

Volunteering:  My love language is food and I’m trying to pinpoint how that works out into volunteering, I think I have an idea though!

Lashes: Here’s the thing, I wear minimal make up on my “made up” days, so the days that I’m low key, it’s a no make up day.  Unfortunately, while I get my hair regularly lightened, my brows and eyelashes are too blonde to see.  I feel best about myself when I get to wear minimal make up and still manage to look somewhat put together.  So although it’s hard to schedule, I’m setting up regular lash tinting sessions and am going to go about my no make up days feeling made up! Little things make me very happy!


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