May Goals Review

Even though I’ve been fairly MIA over here, things have been getting accomplished on the goals front!

Book: I started Wild and Free and I’m not super into it yet. I think it’s just a matter of timing and where my head is at.  There seems to be a lot of healing and processing still going on and this book is just not fitting in right now.   On the other side, I started a marriage workbook and am really enjoying that; it’s like being back in school which makes me all kinds of happy 🙂

Girl’s Brunch: Did it!  Also, Sara came out and we got to soak in a decades old friendship while corraling our children, it was lovely.


Garden:  YAY!! I only missed out on a couple spring plantings, but I’ll just save them for a fall harvest.

A little before and after of our gardening day

Celebrations:  We celebrated and took time out of the everyday to set aside the time but I would have liked them to be bigger.  It was an emotional month.

Baking/Blogging Schedule: Made it, obviously didn’t follow through at all.

Working Out:  Better, but need to work on being more consistent and challenging myself.

Volunteering:  My plan was to try to set up a food service plan at our church.  Basically a group of reliable and willing people so that whenever someone falls ill or has a baby, there is an immediate rally of people to care for kids, take care of yardwork and make food.  I haven’t started anything yet, but the idea is there.

Lashes: I got them tinted and I like it, however the prevalence of lash extentions is making the lash tint pale in comparison. If I remember correctly, when they were getting tinted regularly, it continued looking better and better.

June Goals:

Backyard: Completely finished up!!  My parents are coming in a week and building a play set for Eli. Once that is done, a little clean up and we will have a glorious little oasis!

Meal Planning:  Typically I’m really good about this, but I have seriously fallen off the wagon. With Kenny wanting to lose weight and me wanting to enjoy cooking and feel better again, this needs to become a priority.

Water:  I’ve gotten into a terrible habit of not drinking enough water, as in maybe 15 oz a day.  Now that summer is here, that’s got to change.

Finding Balance:  I’m really good at planning for the future and trying to work my way through the past, but living in the present is rough.  I want to finda balance to all of that living and planning.

Baking/Blogging Schedule:  I’ve made a loose outline, now I need to follow through on it.

Also!! Big news guys, has started back up and just published my brownie recipe, go check it out!

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