Motherhood Musings


Eli is such a perfect age right now, I love getting to hang out with him. Especially since hanging out with him doesn’t require ALL of me.  He can play with play doh and I can sit with him and play while taking care of paperwork.


Putting on his shoes has become a new thing and this whole pantsless boots set-up kills me!


Eli recently brought me The Giving Tree to read to him and then kept saying daddy, daddy, daddy about the author. HAHAHA!


We chopped Eli’s hair.  We cut all his hair off and it was heartbreaking.  He was looking like a sheepdog and flips out everytime we come near him with scissors, it meant holding him down while we shaved his head. It is patchy and not clean cut, but he doesn’t look like a sheepdog!  I cried, he cried, hoping we will not need to do this for awhile.


Seeing this screenshot makes me feel like a giant anti-social loser.  It’s funny how once texting became the most common form of communication, our call list has become a sad graveyard of calls made while driving.


We just booked our Disneyland trip for November and I am super pumped!  This will be my first time getting to see Christmas decorations at the park and Eli will be amazigly fun there!

The further we get from babydom, the more I dread heading back into it.  Wouldn’t it be great if we could just give birth to toddlers?

We went on a family hike after Eli was awful at breakfast.  Even when there’s choas and things don’t go according to plan, family days are my absolute most favorite thing in the world.  I wish we had started them earlier.


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