Choosing a Father

Kenny and I got married at a young age (20), we had been together for a long time (6 years), we didn’t know anything (or anyone) different.   It sounds like it’s a negative thing right?  But it’s not, there’s nothing negative about finding someone that you love at a young age, it’s not negative to tie your life to that person, it’s not negative to know only one (and decide that you like that).  It is just the way that I chose to live my life.  It has been difficult and challenging, but completely worth it. How did I know that this was how I wanted to live my life?  It was pretty simple.  I found someone that loved me, I found someone that I loved.  I found someone that I could see the good and the bad in, and the good overrode the bad.  The icing on the cake was that I loved his family.  Truth be told?  The tipping point was knowing what a great father Kenny would be.

All throughout our dating relationship, I knew Kenny would rock fatherhood.  It was an innate sense of how much of his goodness would come pouring out over our offspring.  Once I asked him what the most important thing to teach our child would be and he said, their value, their worth.  The most important thing to my husband is that his children know that they are worthy of love, respect, honesty, sacrifice, truth.  I can not think of a better thing to teach one’s child.  All this to say, if you know without a doubt that someone is going to be an amazing daddy, it’s safe to say that you can trust that they will be a great spouse as well.  That’s how I decided that at 20 I was ready to pledge my life to the world’s greatest dad.

Happy Father’s Day Kenny, thanks for loving us so well!


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