Eli Update!

Eli is coming up on 2 and half years now and it is unreal!  Should he know all the letters of the alphabet? Be good at using utensils? Who knows, who cares?  Here’s a look at life with this particularly rambunctious toddler.


Instead of saying please, he says nicely. Example:

Eli: “milk”

Me: “ask nicely”

“milk nicely”

“can you say please?”

“milk peas!”

It’s too adorable and I’m tempted to not correct him at all.


Sometimes we hold hands in the car. If he is throwing a fit in the car, I’ll contort my arm to the back to hold his hand and calm him down, sometimes he just asks for my hand.  “Mommy hand, mommy hand! Hand!”


Eli loves to jump into the pool, over and over and over again.  Shouting out “I swimming!”  Such a sweet little water baby!

He falls at least 7 times a day.  He is always in a hurry, running, jumping, being crazy.  He also has a 14 second recovery from said fall, and then onto the next accident.

Still just partially potty-trained.  Still.


Eli is so very friendly and concerned with other people.  When he sees kids laying on the concrete at the water park or splash pad, he goes over to check on them “you okay?” When he sees a baby, “baby crying?” He offers a hi to everyone we pass on our walks.

He is affectionate and so damn kissable.

He puts himself in time out in his room.  Shouting the whole time.


Eli is obsessed with the ownership of things.  Dad’s car, mom’s phone, pop’s truck.

Whenever Eli doesn’t like something, a noise, a food, an idea, he covers his ears.

Eli knows his colors, shapes and the letter “E”. One letter.

He’s become quite manipulative, knowing that I can’t really give up the opportunity to read a book, its a constant “one more” request over and over again.

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