Summer Catch Up

Summer is my time, I revel in the gloriousness of the season, soaking in every last sun-kissed second.  Let’s get caught up on the craziness, shall we?



We indulged in lots of family time, with plenty of sides of ice cream 🙂


Family sushi dates! Insider tip: toddlers and sushi are a match made in heaven, food is fast, plenty to watch and noodles! Cue noodle dance


Practiced our water park swagger and are up to swimming under water from the steps to mom waiting 5 feet away.


Our legs have looked like these, which means, it’s been a good summer.


We took every advantage to spend time with each other, without Eli.  Even spending 20 minutes to take a picture in which I do not look awkward.


We celebrated the fourth with coordinating stripes, pool parties, bbq and fireworks.


Discovered a great love of baseball, but mainly of mascots and bat dog.


Got extremely dirty and exhausted, “camping” in McCall.


Played outside every chance, apparently this child’s energy knows no bounds and will never run out.

Met the exotics at babby farms.


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