Life at 2.5

This boy of mine is wrecking my world with how very much I love and adore him.  I am still blown away by it.  Are you other parents still blown away by how magical you truly find your very typical and average child to be? Diving into the fascinating, and average statistics:


Sleep: Bedtime 9:00, 10 hours at night,  2 hour nap during the day (yay still napping!!!)

Favorite Foods: spaghetti, steak, bacon, berries, cottage cheese, Popsicles, toast, cheese crackers, fruit leather.

Likes: swimming, water in general, animals, babies, dinosaurs, cars, anything Disney/Pixar, trains, sand, books.

Dislikes: being told no 🙂

He is joyful and super affectionate.  Eli loves to give kisses and snuggle, loves to pretend to go night-night.  He is stubborn and gentle, wants what he wants, but is generally obedient. He is sensitive and friendly, picks up on the emotions of others and is concerned with their well-being. Eli is potty-trained! He can count from 1-10, we are about to start working on letters.  He is starting to repeat books and sing songs, it is glorious. Eli is love incarnate and my heart swells everytime I look at him.

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