Motherhood Musings

I fully use the iPad as a baby-sitter.  That thing is magical, if he has it, he does not move and is completely silent. Whereas with a movie, he is up running around, jumping, screaming as he acts out the scenes he loves best.

He is legitimately obsessed with babies.  We play with an old American Girl doll of mine and practice putting her to night night and changing her poopy diaper.

Eli has become increasingly picky and the only veggies he is getting are in the form of spaghetti sauce and green juice.


Eli uses our couch as a trampoline and I have no problem with it. Once the temperature drops and I have to pried outside of the house, I’ll be so thankful to have a way for him to run off his energy.

Eli has been averaging one real bath a week this summer. He swims and plays in water on a daily basis, but as far as soaping up his hair and body goes, once a week.


I buy the Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies over Goldfish crackers, not because they are organic and have less salt, but because I don’t like them half as much and am therefore less likely to eat all of his snack food.


Eli has been voicing his opinion a lot more lately, it is both glorious and awful- he requests the same movie, all day, every day.

I’m still utterly obsessed with that boy, I find his lips to be the most beautiful things created, and I created them! How crazy is that?

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