September Goals

Fall is here and we are swinging right back into goal setting time, which is glorious because I really need some structure back in my life.

Weekly Schedule: Eli and I need a main focus and thing to look forward to each day. Our weeks will hopefully go as follows:

Monday: Hike It Baby Boise Meetup

Tuesday: Soccer

Wednesday: Playgroup Meetup

Thursday: Art Project/Preschool Curriculum

Friday: Library

Saturday: Family Movie Night

Sunday: Family Day

Yoga/Running: Now that is is not as hot, Eli and I can get back to our country road runs. On the same side of that coin, not as hot means less swimming and less stretching, which means, yoga needs to become a necessity.

Inside of House Repairs: I have had a massive big list of things to repair in and around our house, mainly consisting of touching up ALL the paint, that has to get done in order for us to either rent or sell our house.

Halloween Costumes: Yay! I love Halloween and I love family costumes. This year we will be characters from Toy Story. Making 3 costumes is a rather daunting task so I have to get started now.

Girls Brunch: I love gathering with framily and girlfriends are vital to every woman’s life. Hoping this can happen at least once this month.

Date Night/New Schedule: I have just gotten a new schedule at work that leaves more space and time for us as a family and for Kenny and I has a couple. I’m so excited to see how this changes our weeks. I’m also going to start aiming for a once a month date night, I know once a week is recommended, but let’s be realistic here.

Tuesdays With Dorie/King Arthur: I’ve been at a standstill for what to bake/cook and I’ve been wanting to get further involved in the online baking community.  These two baking challenges are going to be gloriously helpful!

Apple Picking: This quite a tradition for our family yet, but I’m trying to force it into being one :)!! Any locals know the best place to pick? Last year’s experience wasn’t a great orchard.

Three Hours Outside: I’ve been reading a lot about education and the difference in different countries, the effects that screen time and outside free play have on children.  I recently read that we should be spending at least three hours a day outside.  I’m going to try to get an average of three outside outside, this will probably be my biggest challenge this month.

Any good fall goals out there you’d like to share?