October Goals

Hello! I have been 100% gone, seasons changing, new routines and it has all led up to a crazy amount of necessary sleeping. BUT!! I’m back, I’m rested, I’m here again.

All this to say that I accomplished almost nothing last month, other than resting.

I did do some things on my goal list:

Weekly Schedule: It’s been glorious getting back into a routine, super helpful for both me and Eli.

Three Hours Outside: We have been pretty good about this.  It can be boring and tedious and it requires me being more focused on housework when we are home, but being outside on a daily basis is great.

Tuesdays with Dorie/King Arthur Baking Challenges: I did them, I did not however, write, photograph or do anything but consume them.

October Goals:

Painting: We have to start getting our house ready to sell in hopes of selling or renting it out next year.  I have a surge of energy right now, so even though we are late in the month, I’m hoping to finish it by the end of the month.

Clean up the yard:  I need to break down our plants and get our lawn ready to rest for the winter, at least it will keep us outside!

Read a book:  I used to love reading and for a couple years now (read, since I had a child pulling my attention) I haven’t been able to really get into a book.  Until this weekend! We went on a trip to the coast and I read and it was heaven.

Girls Brunch:  It’s on the books! Now to actually get everyone to follow through….

Baking Challenges: do them and write them up!

Yoga:  I’d be happy with twice a week at this point.

Disneyland Itinerary:  I love planning vacations almost as much as taking them, can’t wait to dive into this one.

Halloween Festivties: I didn’t do a single one so we are packing it in!

Back to Blogging:  Aiming for 5 times a week between Hellobee and here, fingers crossed.

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