Musings on Motherhood

While potty training is great and yay! no more diapers to wash; rinsing poo out of tiny potties is far worse than dealing with a dirty diaper. Ick!

Everytime Eli gets a haircut, he grows by a year and 6 inches.  All of a sudden he becomes a grown up and while it’s adorable, it completely freaks me out.

Speaking of being freaked out, a kid that takes up the entire length of the bathtub, what?!

Eli has recently discovered that when I set him on his mattress, he has the capability to move.  While I was fearful of that realization, it is so adorable and fun to have himm come run into our room in the morning and jump into bed. (Made even more spectacular by the fact that the wake up time as become 7:45/8!!)

The past couple of days, Eli has skipped out on one of my most favorite things, nap time! I would be nervous, but he has stayed in his bed for the entire two hours (naptime) just playing and talking to himself. It is almost better than naptime, I just get to sit and listen to him.

The physical affection with this kid continues to get better and better.  He has started asking for ‘nother kiss everytime one of us leaves or when he goes to bed. He starts his mornings with backscratches and snuggles. Slays me.

Eli’s pickiness is starting to fade away and I’m excited, but also slightly nervous to break the routine we have.

Eli yells at Cole to “QUIET!” when he is laying in bed and hears him bark outside. We’ve taught him well.

My toddler can destroy things in 5 seconds, literally.  I repainting the house and touching everything up. I left a paint can with a lid on it, but hadn’t sealed the can back up.  Eli was sitting at the table eating a snack and I went to switch the laundry from the washing machine to the dryer, 15 feet away. I finished and there was paint all over the table and all over the child. Amateur.


My actual proudest parenting moment is coming in the form of a child that is learning to pick up his toys.  It took some trying and some teaching, but he has started to pick up toys of his own volition, without any promting from me. Halleluah!!

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