Politics Aside

I am not a political person.  I don’t follow the local elections or candidates,  I don’t identify with one party more than the other. I would guess that I am like half of the voters out there. I vote because I have the ability and because I have the freedom to do so.  My main focus every time a candidate is discussed is education. It’s all I care about, it’s all I see the direct results from. Despite this lack of deep knowledge into politics, I’ve read a lot about a myriad of emotions today, sadness and anger from all the Hilary supporters and joy and elation from those supporting Trump. For the record, I voted for neither, opting to vote for McMullin. Opting not to vote for one candidate or to vote as a way of opposing the other one. I voted for the third party in the hopes that a third party will eventually emerge. What I find missing from everyone’s postings, everyone’s emotions is a general weariness.  A general sadness that this was the election, that these were the candidates and that this is how our country is reacting. A sadness that we as a nation is so broken that we found these two candidates to be the best answer to our fervent prayers and biggest hopes. There would have been sadness and fear, loathing and feeling of despair throughout half the nation no matter who one this election. That is the takeaway here. It is time to heal and join together, because a just barely there majority is hardly a win.