Pregnancy Update

Here I am sitting pretty at 21 weeks gestation with hardly a word about this pregnancy anywhere on the internets. Weird in the age of oversharing and compulsive posting. This pregnancy has been a weird one, one that I’ve held closer to my heart and have shielded. Perhaps it’s that I feel I’ve already given birth to the grandchild (Eli) and am now growing my own baby. Maybe it’s that I was at a wedding and recognized the daughter of a blog that I hardly follow but we have Facebook friends in common therefore I see her and it really creeped me out. Maybe it’s just laziness. Either way, let’s get down to details now.


17 Week Pregnancy Anouncement


10 Week Belly


20 Week Belly

How far along? 21 weeks

Weight gain? 8 lbs, meaning I am pretty much right on track to have the exact pregnancy weight gain I had with Eli.

Due Date? April 23rd, however Eli was born two weeks late so let’s not get too hung up on that date.

Maternity Clothing? You betcha! I’ve been trying to accentuate the belly this time instead of make it blend in. Let me tell you, maternity clothes shopping is not for the weak. Petite people are clearly never supposed to procreate.

Gender? (I know that in order to be pc, it should be sex, but it’s my own personal blog, so…) It’s a girl! What?! I was surprised to find that Eli was a boy, I was surprised to find that this one was not. Mother’s intuition my ass. Zoe Elizabeth has been thought about since Kenny and I were 18, 20 years old so it feels as though I’m carrying a baby that we’ve been waiting 10 years to meet. Weird feelings all over the place over here.

Sleep? All hail the second trimester! Sleep is glorious and not only because I’m getting enough of it, as opposed to that first trimester sleep need of 12 hours a day.  It also is just feel and restful sleep. I never lusted after and needed sleep until the first time I got pregnant and now it is the first thing I look into fixing anytime I get a little grumpy.

Stretch marks? Nope, fingers crossed for a repeat of my skin’s last performance.

Missing Anything? Alcohol, not so much the taste as the buzzy, floatiness of a drink or two. It would be so much classier to say that I miss the taste of a full bodied Cabernet, but nope! I miss the way tequila makes everything so damn funny 🙂

Movement? Yep, started feeling something at 18 weeks and just keeps getting stronger. Kenny can feel and I’m super excited for when Eli feels his first kick from her!

Looking forward to? Everything! Life with two, meeting her, having a 12 week maternity leave. Shall we discuss maternity leave? With Eli I was off for 6 weeks, 2 of which were spent swimming around in borrowed hotel pools trying to distract myself from the fact that while our families eagerly waited for a child, there wasn’t one present. I felt as thought it was plenty of time. I had a great recovery from my cesarean, I had built up what I thought was a decent supply of breast milk, I wasn’t heartbroken to be leaving. Looking back, man it would have been nice to take more time off! For one thing, at 4 months old, Eli went through a major growth spurt, resulting in killing my stash. For another, time off to settle into motherhood. Changing your role as a human being is a big deal and 4 weeks is hardly enough time to work through that. This extended maternity leave will allow me to build up a real supply, and not one that is being replenished in an office space people need to grab towels from while you’re hooked up to a milk machine. I’ll also be able to spend some time getting to know this new little one. With Eli, I didn’t have anything else to really getting in the way of laying with him and learning about him; with baby number 2, I’ll have a rambunctious toddler clamoring for my attention and not allowing me to “sleep when the baby sleeps.”


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