Musings on Motherhood

We are taking a little break from screens, we as in both Eli and I. And WE are finding it to be both difficult and beneficial.

Eli helps me in the kitchen almost every time I make something. Difficult and beneficial. Strange that it is not both messy and clean though…

I’m so excited for second baby that I’m  already pushing for third and being brutally shut down on fourth 🙂

Started to go through Eli’s clothes to pick out what would work for new baby sister. Realized that everything “could” work and that she may be super into motorcycles or cars. Tabling that chore and continueing to store several large containers of clothing.

Resisted buying Eli more Christmas presents, still went over on my one thing for each category of read, wear, need, want. Thinking about having him open a couple presents throughout the month just to make it still work!

Have not started or really even thought about getting second baby’s room ready. What if we get it all done and Kenny gets offered a job that moves us? Or is it really just second child syndrome?

I still think he is the greatest kid. Tantrums, stubbornness, eye-rolling… still the greatest, still hilarious, still wonderful.  Biology has really worked things out in our kids’favor.

Everything is better with kids. We went and looked at Christmas lights and every time we drove past a Santa he yelled out, “Happy Christmas!” It’s impossible to top that.



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