New Year

Happy New Year! Only 23 days late :)! We have been busy getting through the most snow Idaho has gotten in at least 30 years and recover from the mayhem of the holidays. Typically this time of year is filled with resolutions and changes for the better, and can I just say no? No to resolutions, no to big changes, just no. I’m too burnt out and unsure of where our lives are quite literally headed.

I’m a big fan of new starts and do overs, but my mind is too full of possible plans, possible scenarios. Instead we are taking things one day, one week at a time.  I know that we have a teeny baby joining us in the spring and that our lives are full and happy. Those are the constants that I can hold onto and try to plan and build our days from. Our agenda this week: replace our door’s weather stripping, attend a going away party, try to have an at home date night, clean the floors and play in the snow. Simple and concise, mainly home stuff that I know I’ll be able to check off the list at the end of the day.

A little pictorial catch up from our winter thus far: