Pregnancy Update


How Far Along: 31 weeks

Due Date: April 23rd. She is measuring small which means that while I (and every pregnant woman ever) may hope for at the least an on time baby, if not a little early; it’s probably not going to happen, this time or ever.

Weight Gain: Up 21 pounds. It feels nice to be gaining a more steady and reasonable amount of weight this time around, but I still feel enormous. If I can maintain this momentum, I should only gain 30 pounds which would be amazing.

Maternity Clothing: I’m rotating through about 8-10 outfits around here and it is getting old real fast. I’ve still been going with a pretty decent mix of maternity and non-maternity, but that non-maternity is definitely on its way out.

Sleep: Wah wah. Between the heartburn and the hip pain, combined with the insomnia, I am craving some amazing sleep. That comes after the baby though right?

Stretch Marks: I don’t think they’ll be happening this time either. This girl is sitting much lower than Eli ever did, closer and tighter to my body.

Missing Anything: Being little and just being myself. It makes sense that since pregnancy is such a small portion of time in my life that I don’t feel quite like myself gestating. I miss being small and easy to move around, bending down and going for a run. Looking forward to after she is out; it’s kind of like after a cold when you are so thankful just to breathe easy.

Movement: Lots of movement.  She feels so different from Eli. Instead of big punches and kicks, she is really into somersaults and weird massage type things. It feels like she is constantly spreading her fingers out and pressing, massaging my insides, really really weird feeling.

Looking Forward to Anything: I’m so looking forward to her being here. The anticipation of a new baby is full of stress and anxiety and then once it’s here, they just add so much goodness to your life. I loved those weeks after Eli arrived, it was the best, cozy, warmest time. Pregnancy the second time around seems to drag on and on forever.

Things to Remember

Eli will be three next month.  Three.  It’s insane and so so very exciting to me.  I hear about all of these parents not wanting their babies to grow up and I just don’t understand, I love to watch each new stage, each new habit and quirk develop.  The only thing about the passage of time that makes me slightly weepy is that I don’t want to forget, don’t want to forget the little things.

Eli hugs all the littles he comes across, if Kenny or I hug an adult, he goes in for one as well.  In general, extremely affectionate.

Every morning, Eli comes into our room and climbs into bed, snuggling in for some wake up time.  (Let’s be honest though, it’s only a good, don’t want to forget because he doesn’t wake until 7:30 or 8)

I’ve accidentally raised a nudist, the kid strips at every opportunity.  He doesn’t ever try to take his clothes off in public though so that’s good.

When anyone scratches his body and stops, he places your hand right back where it was, asking for “more, more.”

He asks to go to Disneyland, every day.

He climbs up on Kenny and rubs his head when watching YouTube Disneyland rides.

He lights up when we play with him, I mean seriously is overjoyed to have complete and total attention, basking in the glow of adoration.