Things to Remember

Eli will be three next month.  Three.  It’s insane and so so very exciting to me.  I hear about all of these parents not wanting their babies to grow up and I just don’t understand, I love to watch each new stage, each new habit and quirk develop.  The only thing about the passage of time that makes me slightly weepy is that I don’t want to forget, don’t want to forget the little things.

Eli hugs all the littles he comes across, if Kenny or I hug an adult, he goes in for one as well.  In general, extremely affectionate.

Every morning, Eli comes into our room and climbs into bed, snuggling in for some wake up time.  (Let’s be honest though, it’s only a good, don’t want to forget because he doesn’t wake until 7:30 or 8)

I’ve accidentally raised a nudist, the kid strips at every opportunity.  He doesn’t ever try to take his clothes off in public though so that’s good.

When anyone scratches his body and stops, he places your hand right back where it was, asking for “more, more.”

He asks to go to Disneyland, every day.

He climbs up on Kenny and rubs his head when watching YouTube Disneyland rides.

He lights up when we play with him, I mean seriously is overjoyed to have complete and total attention, basking in the glow of adoration.

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