The end of the only

I’m 2 days out from my due date with baby #2- the sibling, the long awaited girl, the sister that turns my baby from our child into a brother. It is such a bittersweet moment to bare witness to him changing his roles and being asked to grow and develop a new part to play in our family. I find myself focusing on all of his little quirks and habits, wanting to hold on and not miss a moment of them.

Last night while driving home from dinner, Eli and Kenny sang songs from Moana, alternating lines.

Every night Eli and Kenny lay together talking and I love to eavesdrop, hearing him talk about how mommy can go to work and daddy can get Eli chicken nuggets 🙂

He always wants more kisses- there are never enough kisses.

Telling us about Halloween: Eli will be a witch, Zoe will be a ghost, daddy will be a Halloween house, mommy a vampire.

The way he pronounces girls: guwulls and adorable: adorafull.

Every morning he crawls into bed for snuggles. It is one of the absolute best ways to start the day (you know aside from sleeping in and doing whatever you want all morning long.)

Just in case I may be falling too much in love with him, he does allow a glorious 3 year old attitude to shine through complete with shushing us when we tell him “no”, throwing emotional tantrums from lack of sleep when refusing to nap and telling us just a minute every time we tell him to do something.

This boy has been my world and completely transformed our lives. These next couple weeks are going to be an extreme stretching of self and I just want to hold on to the singleness of him a little bit longer- which means extra snuggles tomorrow morning!



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