Baby Zoë!!

FullSizeRenderIMG_1353IMG_2533IMG_1344IMG_3798IMG_1354IMG_3794IMG_3791IMG_3783IMG_3775She’s here, she’s here, she’s here!!! Our sweet, snuggly little Zoë girl is here! She listened to my wishes quite well and allowed me to go into labor 3 days before I was scheduled to have my c section. Zoë entered the world at 1:05pm on April 22nd (Earth Day! Perhaps I’ll have a little granola girl on my hands) weighing in at 7lb 4oz and measuring just over 19 inches. She is a sleepy little nuzzler that loves to curl up into the neck of whomever holds her. Eli is over the moon in love with her, constantly coming over to snuggle and kiss her. He holds her hand when she gets her diaper changed and wants to be near her all the time. She has the tiniest little feet and is so very very floppy compared to Eli. Our lives feel so full and wonderful. I love this time after a baby when all the love in the world is radiating around your family.

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