Zoë: 1 Month Update


Weight: 9lb 4oz

Naps: Her naps are all over the place. She is not an amazing sleeper so she is a bit too fussy to sleep well during the day. She is great about sleeping in her car seat and falling asleep while I wear her. It means that I’m getting plenty of snuggles! Once we get some good nighttime sleep we will start tackling naps.


Clothing: She is out of newborn and into 0-3 months. However to be clear it is mainly due to the cloth diapers that add so much bulk to her little body.

Bedtime: hahahaha! There is no bedtime with this one. Some nights I’m able to put her down for bed and walk away, other nights, the only way she is falling asleep is on me. It has been slow going my friends.

Development: She has started trying to shove her binky back in her mouth and her neck is getting stronger and stronger. Very exciting stuff happening over here!

Sibling Relationship: Goodness gracious! These two are going to kill me with how adorable they are. Eli LOVES Zoe, he constantly wants to hold her and tries to calm her whenever she fusses. It’s so sweet to listen to him tell her “I know, I know, I know” in the same tone that I use to calm her down. In return, she tracks his face and doesn’t seem to be bothered by him constantly mauling her.

New This Month: um everything? She started cloth diapers and got moved into her room about a week ago.

Mom and Dad Update: It has been a rough and full transition. We are getting our footing, but man, parenthood is not for the weak!


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